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Acclaimed Radiophonic Workshop collaborator and Brighton-based electronic producer MATTHS (Matt Hodson) presents dark, brooding and extreme techno productions that boast brutality within the breadth of the production aesthetic using a bespoke modular synthesiser setup. 

His live show then re-works the songs, as he reprograms the melodies through different filters and oscillators when taking to the stage, re-interpreting them into sometimes very different beasts.

His performances are a captivating fusion of experimental, ambient, and techno sounds, with each performance being a unique, improvised journey through uncharted sonic territories.

With his deep understanding of modular synthesis and keen sense of musicality, MATTHS has gained a reputation as a true master of his craft. His performances are known for their hypnotic rhythms, intricate melodies, and rich textures, creating an immersive experience for audiences that transcends the boundaries of traditional electronic music.

All of the new releases are available through his own label ‘Solitude’ at MATTHS’ Bandcamp page including hours of high-quality live performances, remixes and exclusives for subscribers such as behind the scenes studio work, track breakdowns and more live performances.

Recent MATTHS performances include opening for Wire; supporting Alex Banks (Monkeytown and Mesh Records), Lonelady (Warp Records), Ulrich Schnauss and Rival Consoles (Erased Tapes). MATTHS has also played alongside Daniel Miller and Schneider TM as well as working with the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop on their new material at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios.

Worth comparing to Jon Hopkins or even Max Richter's more up front work, the Brutalist electronics have a crunching, percussive feel. The layered track has an organic flourish, with MATTHS displaying an astute awareness of the way blocks of sound can interlink. Aural architecture, 'Velocet' fuses this cerebral quality to a deeply physical need for the impact sound can have.



“Rolled out in the chromatic wake of Ali Berger’s 303 session, Matths builds up a head of cosmic techno steam akin to a harder edged Border Community cut with the astral trajectory of ‘Loop’, then brings it down to a low flying night-flight with ‘Velocet’.”