Two different mixers - Teenage Engineering’s TX-6 & Zaehl AM1


David Eriksson & Jesper Kouthoofd from Teenage Engineering bring their TX-6 mixer to the Zaehl booth for a demo and Q&A session alongside the Zähl AM1Mixer, Michael Zähl & Mark Ernestus. Jesper Kouthoofd is head of design, founder & CEO of Teenage Engineering. David Eriksson is the Head of Hardware and Co-Founder at Teenage Engineering.

TX–6 is a ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface. comparable to larger units, but with even more tech packed into one sturdy little machine. Mix 6 stereo input channels, use tempo sync, discover the internal synthesizer and sequencer or use the built-in tuner. MFi compatibility even lets you connect to your iOS devices.

The state-of-the-art mixing console AM1 stands for highest standard analogue design and modern, up-to-date functionality and hands-on operation. It was designed by Michael Zaehl in collaboration with Mark Ernestus. Mark also developed the concept of a CV-controllable channel strip. In contrast to the conventional channel strips with their super-clean signal paths (no VCA!) the CV-Channel provides voltage control of 21 parameters via a choice of 12 internal or external CV sources. It is a stereo channel strip built as an electronic instrument connecting with the modular synthesizer world. A game-changing tool for creative producers.