2 Many Synths

Solid Oakwood Eurorack cases & stands in every size! Developed & handmade by me. The basis of the design are the side-cheeks with cutouts for rails and shelves. This creates the signature design and most items are made to order. Synths come in various sizes; you buy something new, sell some gear and try to organize them in your (home-) studio. I started making side-panels, fronts & stands for my own synths because I like things to be organized, but I’m happy to share these and the capability to create custom work with the synth-community!

2 Many Synths - 22U 200HP Eurorack case 'the Crow' for Red Means Recording

Solid Oak Eurorack case - 10U 104HP

Solid Oak Eurorack case - 12U 126HP

2 Many Synths - Solid Oak stand for 2x Intellijel Palette case

2 Many Synths - Make Noise stand in solid Oak

2 Many Synths - Solid Oak 7U 104HP Eurorack case in brown - Available from stock via Thomann

2 Many Synths - custom 16U 160HP solid oak case with black linseed oil & armrests

2 Many Synths - Solid Oak overlay, enclosure & skiff case for Behringer ARP2600

2 Many Synths - Solid Oak sidepanels for LPI, LPII or SubPhatty

2 Many Synths - custom case for 84HP Eurorack & Vermona Perfourmer