Bela Embedded Platform DIY Workshop

Building instruments with the Bela ultra-low-latency embedded audio platform

This hands-on workshop will introduce audio programming and instrument design with Bela, an open-source embedded platform for ultra-low-latency (< 1ms) processing of audio, sensors and CVs.

Each participant will use a Bela Starter Kit which they will have the option to buy at the end of the workshop. The starter kit is an embedded computer board with stereo audio, analog and digital I/O. We will also have Bela Eurorack modules for use and purchase.

Participants should bring a laptop (Mac/Windows/Linux)!No programming experience is required, though participants may find previous experience with Max/MSP or Pd to be helpful in getting started.

DIY kits offered (optional):
- Bela Starter Kit **150€
- Bela Eurorack Modul  **price tba

** The ticket will neither include the Bela Starter Kit nor the Eurorack module, though they will available for purchase at the of the workshop and have to be baid in cash.

Bela ( is based BeagleBone Black single-board computer, with a 1GHz ARM processor. It features stereo audio I/O; 8 channels each of 16-bit, DC-coupled analog I/O which can be used for CVs; and 16 digital I/Os. It is programmable using several different languages including C/C++, Pd, SuperCollider, Python and FAUST, and it features a convenient browser-based IDE including an in-browser oscilloscope. After programming, Bela runs standalone in a synth or instrument without the need for a laptop. This workshop will be a hands-on introduction to developing synths and controllers using Bela and the Pd (Puredata) graphical programming language. One of the demos will use Bela with the TouchKeys multi-touch keyboard (

Bela is a standalone platform, but we will also have Eurorack versions of Bela that can send and receive CVs from participants' own systems as well as generating and processing audio itself.
Bela is powered from a 5V source, for example any USB port. Participants should bring laptops, and Bela can be powered from these.


Limited to 16 participants!

The purchase of a Ticket reservation only qualifies to participate in the workshop. It won't grant access to the exhibition trade show. As the DIY workshops can be accessed via public hallways, no valid Superbooth ticket will be required for participation.


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