DIY Workshop:

Construct a MICRO_DRONES with eowave

A standalone drone generator/sequencer based on the Weather Drones module

The MICRO_DRONES is a portable noise generator that features a single oscillator. You control it with a simple sequencer, and it features the following controls - wave fold, character, envelope shape.

DIY kit offered:
- eowave MICRO_DRONES  **64€

** You can buy a ticket for this DIY synth via our ticket shop which will grant access to the DIY workshop. The ticket price of 30€ will be deducted from the final price which has to be paid in cash at the workshop!

MICRO_DRONES is a standalone synth and powered by USB. No power supply or cable included.

Limited to 15 participants!

The purchase of a DIY Ticket reservation only qualifies to participate in the DIY workshop and buy the correspondent DIY synth. It won't grant access to the exhibition trade show. As the DIY workshops can be accessed via public hallways, no valid Superbooth ticket will be required for participation.

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