Focusrite praesentiert: Komplement - live

 Collaborative Electronica by De Rien & Head Under Water

De Rien and Head Under Water

This collaboration connects puzzle
pieces of style. The soulful virtuosity
of De Riens performances melts
into the ambient textures of singer/
producer Head Under Water,
creating vivid vibes in lush spaces.



While De Riens chaotic esprit was bouncing through contemporary classical percussions all
the way to jazz piano, touring with orchestras in Europe and China and opening shows for Jamie
Cullum, Head Under Water started out as a minimalistic singer/songwriter, carrying with him
his fathers guitar and a voice filled with melancholy, busking in the streets of Cologne. When
first the two did meet during their studies, they were polar opposites, so different, they barely
had a word to say to each other. Years later though, an accident in late summer 2016 brought
the two together into a room filled with ideas and instruments, where their music immediately
fused together, arranging itself as complementary parts of a new machine.



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