Kids playing live
on modulars w Gammon

Synthesizer – großes Fragezeichen mit unendlichen Möglichkeiten


This workshop explains the way of getting musically interesting sounds from simple electronic oscillations like sine or saw waves and how to play live electronic music. A modular synthesizer is built from almost independent building blocks on which the participants will be working in small groups. This way they will be directly involved in forming the sounds and responsible for the individual expression of the sounds. The workshop provides basic knowledge in a straight and “hands-on” process.

The results of this process are the basis for a composition that will be played live.

 The work with analog modular synthesizers is a perfect way to impart the knowledge of creating electronic music to the participants and also provide them with the basics for producing digital electronic music on a computer.

The musician and sound artist Gammon has been working on different music and art workshop concepts for many years.  In 2013 he was decorated with the international price for imparting music called ‘Junge Ohren’ and won the german ‘Kinder zum Olymp’ contest. For more than a decade he was successfully working with the international collective Thilges3. The trio has been almost exclusively working with Doepfer modular synthesizers for their performances.


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