Monika Werkstatt mit.. Barbara Morgenstern, Beate Bartel, Gudrun Gut, Islaja, Lucrecia Dalt, Pilocka Krach

„Monika Werkstatt: HARDWARECHECK“

Konzert/ Improv/ On The Spot Session

20th and 21st of April @ SUPERBOOTH Konzertsaal1


 a very special MONIKA WERKSTATT live show with 5 artist per day including:

Islaja ( Eclectic Pop, from Finland, lives in Berlin)

Barbara Morgenstern ( Queen of Harmonies, Berlin)

Pilocka Krach ( Belladonna Dance, Berlin)

Lucrecia Dalt ( Atomar Music, from Colombia, lives in Berlin)

Beate Bartel ( Heroine of Noise, Berlin) 

Gudrun Gut ( Underground Pop, Berlin) 


we’ll check the stuff and make it sound.


About Monika Werkstatt:

 The idea behind Monika Werkstatt (trans. Monika Workshop) is about strengthening the position of female artists in a very male influenced music scene through working together and profound exchanges.

Monika Werkstatt is about living: getting involved and learning and enjoying. Let’s make pop culture a comprehensible experience, let’s be part of it, not just a product.

The focus of the shows is on the works of the artists and interaction with each other. Space for development is a strong theme, but fun won’t be left out.


There were various Monika Werkstatt events in 2016: Munich @ HAUS DER KUNST , Ludwigshafen @ Theater im Pfalzbau, Hamburg @ Gängeviertel, Leipzig @ Institut für Zukunft, Berlin @ Roter Salon, Zürich @ Les Belles de Nuit

and more to come in 2017.


About Monika/Moabit:

monika enterprise is a gallery. A boutique. A label which through its rich catalogue of releases has come to move with confidence in the international indie-network, in so doing monika concentrates on releases by female artists, but one or two male artists are also featured. An inversion of reality and thereby an important anchor in the search for equality in the music world. Monika is celebrating its 20th Birthday this year .

Moabit Musik exists since the 80s as a vehicle for the first Malaria! Releases and since 1990 has been managed and run by Gudrun Gut looking after rereleases and art-music as well as spoken word records etc.


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