Ondomo praes.: Naoyuki Omo & Ayako Hase

Ondomo: Naoyuki Omo & Ayako Hase

A presentation of Ondomo, the expressive, dynamic electronic instrument from Japan that is the next evolution of the ondes Martenot. Featuring electronic luthier and inventor Naoyuki Omo and the talented Ayako Hase, ondomist.

AYAKO HASE, Ondomist
Born in Niigata City, Japan, Ayako began working towards a career in music from a young age, studying piano, music theory, composition and arrangement at the Royal Academy of Music, London before returning to Japan to complete her Master's degree in musicology.

After her first ondes Martenot concert in 1999, Ayako soon made the decision to devote herself to the deeply expressive instrument. A long-standing collaboration with electronic luthier Naoyuki Omo has lead to the creation of a new instrument, the Ondomo. Since this instrument’s debut, Ayako has been working tirelessly to bring the music and ideas it promises to an ever-expanding audience.

NAOYUKI OMO, electronic luthier
With a life-long curiousity for how everyday things work, Naoyuki has applied his combination of mechanical and artistic proficiencies to several distinct ambitions from a young age. Starting a jewel company directly after graduating high school, he threw himself into every aspect of this business until his conscience at the unscrupulous practices he was witnessing led him away from that world. His passion for motor car racing went from hobby to full-time occupation as he designed and built a Formula 3 race-car, basing his XO racing team out of the famous Fuji Speedway.

Chance attendance at an ondes Martenot concert in 1999 left such a deep impression upon Omo's inquisitive mind that he immediately set to work in recreating the instrument. An all-tube version appeared first, but after meeting with Jean-Louis Martenot - Maurice's son - he began to work closer with the ondes Musicales community and the instrument he designed evolved accordingly into the Ondomo of today.




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