Roli praesentiert: Jack_and Marco Parisi


Jack and Marco Parisi share a brotherhood immersed in music. Their earliest memories are of living room jams with their father, a professional keyboard player who toured the world and filled their Salerno home with instruments from his music shop.

 The pair, known as PARISI, are virtuosic multi-instrumentalists, on stage and in studio. With a pioneering approach to incorporating the very latest technology into their production they create an eclectic electronic sound that combines classic harmonies and deep beats. Heavily influenced by Jack's love of playing live hip-hop drums and by Marco's pop and jazz epiphany while playing Bach and Bill Evans, the brothers know no limits, fusing genres in imaginative and expansive ways.

 PARISI's debut single '22' is a raucous yet tender encapsulation of live instrumentation with manipulated electro-hypnotic sounds. The brothers bring their unique sound to collaborative projects too, with Sounwave of Kendrik Lamar's production team Digi+Phonics and PartyNextDoor, among others.


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