Random*Source praes.: Darrin Wiener

Random*Source is a modern hero to Darrin Wiener for bringing the legendary Serge Modular and Jürgen Haible Systems to a DIY eurorack format.

Under license and working closely with Serge Tcherepnin himself R*S has converted the legacy to the modern eurorack market and continued it's development in the original 4u/banana plug format. Random*Source is also the home of Jürgen Haible's spectacular designs including the Haible Living VCOs, Haible Tau Phaser or "Krautrock" Phaser.
Darrin Wiener is a composer and musician living and working in Berlin, Germany.
Originating from California, and spending the majority of his adult life in the Pacific Northwest, USA, Wiener has been a professional musician half his life.

Wiener was a member of Modest Mouse for their most recent album contributing modular synthesizer, 303, production, engineering, and sound design.
He currently performs and records as Plastiq Phantom, World Gang, and Goldwiener.
Through the introduction from Random*Source, Serge Modular and Haible synthesizers have become a huge part of Wiener's life and work.
Through his background in teaching master-classes, he has started to share his knowledge and excitement for Random*Source through his newest character Dr. Wiener.
For this Gesprächskonzerte Wiener will focus on Serge Modular and the ease of combining eurorack with 4u banana systems.



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