performance / concert: Timo Kaukolampi

Timo Kaukolampi

Timo Kaukolampi is the shamanistic leader of space rock outfit K-X-P. In the shadows of his hood and cape he’s been working on his solo material following the trails of cosmic disco, rave, ethnic percussion, ambient and early days of Goa trance when DJ’s spinned obscure proto techno tracks together with Belgian EBM. From the echoes of these influences becomes his original sound that will see the first light of day in 2017.

Timo’s electronic experiments has been praised by DJ’s like Optimo, James Holden, Erol Alkan and John Dickweed with his music and remixes released on labels like Kompakt, XL, Bugged Out, Smalltown Supersound, Sacred Bones, Melodic, Tellé, Relish among his own imprint "Öm" on Svart Records.

Operating around 4/4 kick drum his live electronic sets contains analog synthesizers and drum machines forming a spaced out cuckoo’s nest made out of cables pulsating a soundtrack-like, thunderous soundscape ripping PA system apart. Sound is elemental like nature, moving tectonic plates. Destruction of the form followed by re-creation. Interplanetary energy beams. Deep meditation.

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