Yair Etziony
on seaside stage

Yair Etziony live


No matter what hat he wears; producer, composer, curator or label owner, Yair Etziony is one of driving forces in Israeli electronic music scene.  Etziony studied bass and music theory with Shmulik Aroch and Arie Wollinez. Always a trailblazer, he was one of first Israelis to perform live with laptop on stage, and nowadays was one of the first to embrace the "Eurorack" modular standard. and one of the first artists to tour with "Eurorack" modular synths in clubs and festival all over the holy land with his experimental psych\jazz\krautrock band "Farthest South".

Over the years he released music in Germany, Canada, Great Britain and Japan. Since 2010 He is running the label False Industries, focusing on off kilter and weird electronic music.



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