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Zirkuszelt / circus tent

Clystre is the alias of German musician Carsten Rochow, a former indie rock multi-instrumentalist turned synthesist/sound designer. Drawing from an admiration of both east and west coast styles, Clystre combines elements of Music Concrète, Minimalism, Krautrock, Berliner Schule, Synth-Pop, IDM, Drone, Noise, Ambient and others to craft his unique sound. This ambitious approach to synth/modular music could easily yield a cacophony, but with Clystre, the approach feels intuitive, thoughtful, playful and highly gratifying.

The process of creating music, sculpting sound, and shaping progressions with modular systems is not only a journey, but a relationship between man and machine. In the case of Clystre, that relationship includes the triumphs, beautiful mistakes and lessons learned that all add to the pedigree of his emerging art.

Clystre has recently released a song called Arpichelago on Youtube to promote his upcoming collection of recordings and compositions. Arpichelago is driven by an elaborate arpeggio created with a Buchla Music Easel, one of Clystre’s favorite instruments he proudly owns. Last summer, Clystre moved far away from Berlin to the countryside, where, when he’s not making music or working as (synth!) music show host and contributor for a national radio station, he bakes sour dough bread for his family. Clystre’s Superbooth 2022 performance will be mostly improvised. Watch him trying to find some magic.

Clystre is on Youtube and Soundcloud

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