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Bungalowdorf / huts village

The two faces behind crouds, Andreas Schuller and Jay Nagel have been working together and releasing music since 2017. It all started with live sets, which the two still play exclusively improvised. Andreas uses his modular system while Jay lays the rhythmic foundation on the drum sequencer. Over the years, they have refined their setup and musical interplay extensively. As certified nerds, they are always on the lookout for new devices or playing techniques with which they can expand their setup and performances. No gig is like the previous one, everything is in a constant flux. Even in the club, the goal is to be as flexible as possible and to be able to react spontaneously to the mood and the crowd.

While their sound could be clearly described as techno in the beginning, more abstract textures and breaky rhythms have joined them in the meantime. Always looking for their own niche, without wanting to get too comfortable for too long, crouds built up a unique and distinct sound that is ever evolving yet signature to the pair.

As producers in the studio, the duo is actively working on new material. Their debut Cabin Pressure came out on Neuzeit Recordings in Munich, followed by the EPs Anshan (Intumi, IT001), Outsider (Molten Moods, MOLTEN12) and Orange Blood (RFR Records, RFR x004). Moreover, they have been actively working with collaborative projects, be it in the form of remixes (Missing Remix for Truncate (Truncate), Code Remix for Sacha Ketterlin (Intumi)) or as joint productions (Plankton and It’s A Match with Ben Haviour (Alien Allies, Traum), Larking with Max Delius). In the course of 2022 more releases on RFR Records on vinyl and multiple domestic and international live gigs are planned.

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