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E-RM Performance

Bungalowdorf / huts village

Mitja, Philipp and Gal, the E-RM crew behind the production of the multiclock and the polygogo, are music creators and they are going to cook something up with Alastair Mcneill at Superbooth22. The main ingredient? The polygogo! From chopped percussions to all round bass lines, glassy melodies and spicy hihats.

Mitja Cerkvenik:
Moving at the speed of sound from soundtracks to intermedia art installations, from classical instruments to improvised electronic live acts. His creative process starts with the development of the musical instruments he plays on, always aiming at live performances.
Listen to his music on soundcloud:

Philipp Barth:
Within the last 2 decades, Philipp has done a multitude of professional works as a music producer. His main projects are the live act „Bulldogs“ and his techno alias „CM Falter“. Since 2022 he also appears under the artist name „Kriser Zaderak“ as a vocalist. In his younger years, Philipp focused on turntablism, in the context of Contemporary Classical Music & Jazz (Gewandhaus Leipzig, Belgrade Philharmonic, SWR Symphonieorchester)
Philipp´s special approach to combine hardware synths, effects and classy foley work led him from Berlin´s avantgarde music scene to work for Ubisoft and film composer Johann Johansson. He also took a deep dive into advertising music but left the business to pursue his love for stage shows.

Find him on Instagram: 
@kriserzaderak, @cmfalter, 

Gal Plešnar:
Gãl is a project that came to fruition in 2021 with a vision of sonic exploration and mixing of various electronic music genres. Inspired by early rave culture, gãl searches for a fine balance between old school and new school sound.
Find him on Instagram: @gplsnr

Alastair McNeill:
YILA is the name of the solo electronica performer and sound artist Alastair McNeill. He cut his teeth on stage as an improviser with David Toop’s ‘Unknown Devices’ and was part of the backbone of previous Róisín Murphy tours. Recently he took a much more DJ friendly dance-floor approach to releases such as the 12” ‘Scam Pan’ (played at Glastonbury by John Digweed). Now he is taking a new turn back to his roots playing solely live improvised music, flowing between tempos and all experimental club genres with a computer-less modular set-up first played out at Sonica festival.
Yila has released with Nature Scene Records, SundayBest, SilverBear and Supremus Records.
Check out his web page:

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