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Modular Synthesizer Ensemble **ausverkauft**


A modular synthesizer workshop with Gammon's MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE is a very special start to the BeSOOPER day. This will be topped with a live performance in the wonderful auditorium of the FEZ-Berlin.

To book one of the rare 12 seats, please follow this link and take over a share of the production costs with 50 EUR.

The workshop starts already at 9am, please be on time at 8:50am at the reception.

After an introduction to the functionality of the Modular Synthesizer, the participants work independently on one of the 12 Modular Synthesizers. We will experiment, improvise and finally create a composition which will be presented live to the audience at 13:30 in the ensemble. ***

The workshop is primarily for beginners and young people up to the age of 25.

The Modular Synthesizer is a wonderful and flexible instrument and surprises again and again with new approaches.

The MODULAR SYNTHESIZER ENSEMBLE for example shows very impressively that it is also possible to make music together with the Modular Synthesizer. The project is open to everyone, because it allows an immediate and intuitive access to electronic music even without any previous knowledge.


How is that possible?

The project format was developed by Gammon, in cooperation with two Viennese schools, before it was presented in 2017 during Superbooth.

"The essential thing for me is the common musical process and the sensual experience in the group up to the live performance. This is possible without any prior knowledge. But it is also an exciting challenge for experienced people." says Gammon.

A certain Mr. Schneider says about it: "It is the only and at the same time the best way to be able to stretch the patience thread of the completely unknowing young people from the first contact to the collective performance. The collective result and satisfied faces prove the idea right."
The final live performance of the students with the 12 Modular Synthesizers will take place at 13:30 in the large auditorium. Come in large numbers and be amazed, it will be unique again!

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