Events Archive 2022

Navs and Splitradix present: Technical Issues

Bungalowdorf / huts village

From the west coast of Ireland, Splitradix generates acidic electro compositions using a large array of synths, with a special preference for external sequencers, Fenixes and anything with a good bandpass filter.

As well as creating in-depth tutorials on the Sequentix Cirklon he has released music on 030303 and CPU Records. If you encounter him during Superbooth please ask for a free 303 postcard.

Navs makes music with analogue and digital modular synthesizers.

Writer of the influential blog, Navs Modular Lab, and co-host of Basic Electricity, Berlin's first concert series dedicated to improvisation with modular music systems, Navs is looking forward to playing live again at this 20th anniversary Superbooth.

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