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Stammgast is what they say in German (regular guest) - Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator has been a guest at SUPERBOOTH19 in 2019 with Der Plan and an unforgettable concert in the Auditorium, last year he creatively turned the outdoor area between FEZ-Berlin and Bungalowdorf into a stage as Pyrolator and this year SUPERBOOTH22 welcomes him again – we’ll see where and when, but it is promised that he will be there!

On the first day on the SUPERBOOTH21 Pyrolator played a "mobile modular". Starting with the desire not to miss out on live performances during the lockdown, he put together a small setup in a 90HP skiff that could be powered by a power bank. Together with a small battery-powered sound system, it could be quickly set up and used anywhere in the park. As we all know – 90HP won’t take you far, so the system grew to be 4x84HP and it is still mobile.

You don't get the chance to see a concert of Neue Deutsche Welle pioneers Der Plan that often. So it was even nicer to experience them at SUPERBOOTH19 in the Auditorium.

Der Plan was formed in 1979 in Dusseldorf and therefore strongly influenced by Kraftwerk as well as the DIY attitude of Punk. After founding member Kai Horn left the project early on, Kurt Dahlke aka Pyrolator stepped in and made Der Plan's music more approachable. Moritz R, Kurt Dahlke alias Pyrolator and Frank Fenstermacher formed Der Plan to be an experimental music group that created a minimalistic but catchy sound, which got them national attention. It is seen as one of the early and most influential pieces of Neue Deutsche Welle.

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