Annie Aries


Annie Aries aka Annie R├╝fenacht is a Swiss-Philippine composer and musician based in Bern, Switzerland. She holds an M.A. in Music & Media Arts from Bern University of the Arts, and studied historical musicology at the University of Bern. In 2017, Annie lived in Berlin and studied in the program Popular Music History & Theory at Humboldt University, specializing in experimental practices within pop and club culture.

Since 2019 Annie has been a faculty member at the Sound Arts department Bern University of the Arts. Annie produces music with her instrument, a modular, custom-made synthesizer and focuses on how her instrument fosters the interplay between generative musical approaches and improvised live performance. In her work she aims at a minimal, reduced, yet complex textural sound world. She has shown her works at festivals in New York, San Francisco, Austin, Berlin, Shenzhen, Bern, among others.

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