Beirut Synthesizer Center


The Beirut Synthesizer Center, an ongoing collaborative educational project founded by Bana Haffar, Elyse Tabet, Ziad Moukarzel, and Hany Manja, is a community-based center for self-directed learning with a primary focus on the study of musical synthesis and sound. The center opened its doors on June 25th, 2021 in response to the compounding financial and economic crises in Lebanon and lack of governmental support for the arts.

In cooperation with Superbooth Berlin GmbH and Morphine Records they want to present their work at the center, cooperate, exchange and share experiences.
In-person connection through sharing equipment and knowledge in a focused, supportive environment has proven to be a much needed space to nurture the creative, and oftentimes isolated, journey through synthesis. By in-person sharing of the process, stories, and reflections from this ongoing experiment, we hope to demonstrate the working potential of such alternative spaces and inspire others to precipitate change in their communities.

The project is funded by the German Foreign Office and the Goethe-Institute.

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