Circus Tent

CINEMA.AV presents:

a re-interpretation of past audio-visual compositions, "VARIA.V3", in special collaboration for Superbooth, with Syntonie & Sleepy Circuits on additional motions in vision...

"VARIA", originally released in 2021, and toured across the US and Europe, is a collection of sound collage, ambient textures and acidic bass lines. Made primarily with rack equipment from the early 1990's and later edited down into something both cohesive and meditative at the same time.

In conjunction with both antiquated and contemporary video instruments, the visual element is both pure and perfectly attuned to the sound at hand.

Come and join us for the occasion.

CINEMA is the sound and vision efforts of Evan Henry, originally from Dallas, Texas, though has relocated to Berlin in recent years. He has released on labels  such as Primary Optics, Pan-Am Tracks, Pure Life Records & T.R.U...

Sleepy Circuits (Los Angeles, CA) make the Hypno, an all-in-one video synthesizer and feedback generator.

Syntonie (Lyon, FR) makes video synthesizer modules compatible with the LZX 1V standard.

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