AtoVproject / Workshop ***sold out***


Come and build one of AtoVproject kits and hang out with the designers. All kits are available with silver or black panels, please contact us at to let us know which kit and which panel you want to build.

cDVCA /// DIY Level: Easy /// Price: 155€

The first VCA that tracks 1V/oct

Concept: The input signal is turned into an ultrasonic PWM signal (~34kHz). The PWM is scaled to the desired amplitude and then filtered back down to the original signal.
The twist: The PWM frequency can be lowered down into the audio spectrum and the frequency can be controlled via its 1V/oct input allowing for crazy waveshaping that tracks your melodies.
The drive controls an innovative clipping method that does not rely on overdriving any circuitry and therefore results in distortions with a very defined character.
The amplitude of the PWM signal is then modulated using CV giving the VCA effect. This is then fed into a 1 pole low pass filter that is also CV controllable.
All the necessary tools to create a simple subtractive synth voice are here! When tuned into the audio range the carrier oscillator becomes audible and as it tracks 1V/oct you can easily tune it and play it like a regular square wave VCO. The oscillator is then fed into a VCA allowing you to control its loudness using an envelope or any other CV source

The time slot for the workshop is limited and cannot be extended. Please be on time so you have the time to build your kit!

16n Rework Faderbank /// DIY Level: Easy /// Price: 235€

The 16n AtoVproject Rework is a controller sending CV, I2C, MIDI jack, USB MIDI (compatible PC, Mac, Linux, iPad etc.), making it the absolute ultimate controller for any of your hardware and software all in one! This DIY kit is beginner friendly and you will have the choice between silver or black panels.

This unit features:

  • 16 high-end supersmooth faders with dust cover (custom built for us by ALPS)
  • Eurorack compatible (50HP) and standalone enclosure (for use in or out of the rack)
  • Selectable 0-5V or 0-10V CV output range (independent setting for each fader)
  • High stability power conditioning for high stability analog outputs
  • Soft MIDI thru. MIDI data sent to the 16n through USB is echoed to the MIDI jack
  • Utility connector on the back of the unit to simplify the use of i2c with modules like the ER301, Disting EX etc.

After registration, please contact this email adress and let Arthur know that you signed up, and what you want to build so he knows how many kits to bring.

If you have your own soldering irons & tools, please bring them.

The prices above are the final prices minus the 30€ workshop ticket (price minus 30€ = rest payment).

Here you can already download a PDF manual which you can either have on your phones or printed with you:

Important General Info:

  • To enter the workshop you need both:

a) Superbooth ticket for the day of the workshop plus

b) the workshop ticket itself!

  • The workshop ticket covers the advance payment for the workshop, please bring your printed workshop ticket plus Superbooth ticket and enough cash to pay the rest payment here in the workshop area. (We possibly won't have small change and no online payment possibilities!)
  • We generally have some middle class soldering irons but not too many tools. If you have own stuff, bring it please!
  • Do not forget your eye glasses if you need it for soldering.
  • If you generally need recommendations for DIY tools, check this


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