Making Sound Machines / DIY Eurorack Module ***sold out***


Pick one from 5 modules /// DIY Level: Easy /// Prices: 60 to 90€

This year at Superbooth 2023 we are introducing our new line of Farbfilter modules for Eurorack. Join our workshop to solder the DIY version with us and be among the first to get their hands on one of these modules! Our Farbfilter (colour filter) modules are range of sound colouring modules, offering a wide sonic palette from lending subtle colour to rich timbre bending tones in 4HP.

Farbfolder (65€) - analog wavefolder for Eurorack, designed to add harmonically related overtones to an audio signal. This module is excellent at adding rich harmonics to a basic waveform. Its circuit can produce characteristic timbres similar to pulse width and frequency modulation.

Farbshaper (65€) - classic analog waveshaper for Eurorack, designed to add overtones with two voltage controlled stages. This module is a non-linear shaper for acoustic and electronic sounds, ranging from gentle timbral transformation to colourful wavefolding.

Farb Highpass (80€) - analog transistor ladder highpass filter for Eurorack. It features a Tilt EQ and CV controlled cutoff and resonance. Enjoy the sonic richness of the classic East Coast highpass ladder filter with added fine control from its weighted input stage.

Tausend dB (60€) is a four channel amplifier module for Eurorack in 6HP, allowing you to boost Audio and CV.It works great for bringing line signals to Eurorack levels, and saturating Eurorack levels into overdrive. Great for feeding piezo signals into Eurorack.

Multiplikand (90€) is a compact routing utility module for Eurorack in 6HP. It takes Audio and CV, with optional DC filtering. At its core, Multiplikand offers four active precision multiples. Clever normalisation and a switch allow you to configure how the signals are summed.

After registration, please contact this email adress and let Enrica know which module you

want to build, so she knows what to bring. If you want to take a second/different kit home with you, also include that info in your email.

Bring your soldering irons & tools if possible!

The prices above are the final prices minus the 30€ workshop ticket (price minus 30€ = rest payment).

Important General Info:

  • To enter the workshop you need both:

a) Superbooth ticket for the day of the workshop plus

b) the workshop ticket itself!

  • The workshop ticket covers the advance payment for the workshop, please bring your printed workshop ticket plus Superbooth ticket and enough cash to pay the rest payment here in the workshop area. (We possibly won't have small change and no online payment possibilities!)

  • We generally have some middle class soldering irons but not too many tools. If you have own stuff, bring it please!

  • Do not forget your eye glasses if you need it for soldering.

  • If you generally need recommendations for DIY tools, check this


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