Gesprächskonzert - Flame


Veteran modular synth maker FLAME from Berlin highlights its 2024 range of modules, starring their flagship modules TAKT & FIRE.

The 8-channel rhythm sequencer and 8-track drum synthesizer were introduced last year here at Superbooth and this time you'll witness the raw power with a live showcase in the auditorium brought to you by LA-based techno-artist & YouTube host TROVARSI.

Vienna-based producer and long time Flame collaborator Felix Bergleiter will give you a brief overview of the modules - including one or the other 60 second jam - and of course answers any questions. You'll also get a glimpse of their brandnew modules (e.g. TON, a new melodic looper module), which are shown in detail at their booth in the Bungalow-Dorf.

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