Heiner Kruse a.k.a. The Green Man (TGM)


Heiner Kruse a.k.a. The Green Man (TGM) is a synthesizer enthusiast, bass player and Junglist of the first hour. Musically, he moves between drum & bass, ambient, lo-fi, dub, electronica and jungle. In addition to releases on his Basswerk label, he has releases on numerous labels such as Function UK, Dread UK, Beatalistics, Combination, Soundtraxx, Sudden Def and Nice & Smooth and is currently working on an album for the Modular Field label, for which he recently produced a Hhnoi Rmx. He has also collaborated with artists such as Thorsten Quaeschning, James Hardway, Digital, Navigator, Klute, Gregor Schwellenbach and Skarra Mucci. As a coach and author of several books, he also acts as a mentor for other musicians. The release of his book on modular synthesizers is planned for spring 2024.

For this special performance at Superbooth24, TGM will be joined by the musicans Bernd Keul  and Tobias Becker.

The musician and bassist Bernd Keul is devoted to world music, plays with musicians from all over the world via the Internet and spreads positive vibes. He was also an important part of the Cologne cult band "The Piano has been drinking..."

Tobias Becker a.k.a Nnoize Papp from Düsseldorf plays the oboe and not only uses it skillfully with his modular system. He has also played oboe on Klaus Schulze's Contemporary Works. He has also been responsible for the sounds of the (WDR) mouse for many years - such as its famous jingling eyes.

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