JacqNoise und Barish

Bungalowdorf / huts village

The musical performance offers a unique combination of modular synthesizers, one of the most important instruments in the Berlin electronic music scene, and the bağlama, the most widely used folk stringed instrument in Turkey.

The performance refers to diverse folk music from the region of Anatolia (e.g. Halay, Hasapiko, Roman, Zeybek) and offers a contemporary and/or futuristic interpretation through modular synthesizers. In the meantime, experiments will be made to what extent the microtonal melodies can be damaged and transformed into a synthetic texture.

Jacky JacqNoise:

In her deconstructed compositions JacqNoise rigorously explores the realm in which rhythms and melodies fuse unexpectedly. During live performances, she synchronises with the surroundings and finds her main source of inspiration in cultural cross-pollination.



Born and raised in Istanbul, Berlin-based Baglama artist Barish experiments the Anatolian microtonal melodies with a contemporary approach, while aiming to highlight how the Anatolian atmosphere can be blended with the sounds across the Mediterranean through Berlin's translocal and innovative perspective. Or sometimes he just plays it the way it's been played for decades.


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