Karl Marx Stadt


“Karl Marx Stadt” has been a collective term for music by Christian Gierden (born 1978, Leipzig) since 1997.

While the first raves in 1995 were still played with a home computer, after its explosive shortcircuit death at the last Society Suckers gig with Atari Teenage Riot at the AJZ Chemnitz, hardware instruments were used for safety reasons. As a long-term Superbooth fan, Karl Marx Land owner, IDM, Skweee, breakcore, acid and opera fan, he is always on the lookout for the cubic derivation of the dance music formula and simultaneously desires harmony with the perfect melody. With his duo "NUUK" and in the context of his "Edition Schulze", he explores the fields of ambient electronica. He is beta-testing synths, eurorack modules and software. The new album "2017-2021" has been released by Moniker Eggplant.


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