Lukas H. & Svensyntetics


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Sven Rosswog, also known as Svensyntetics has moved around various styles of electronic music for decades. He does not want to be defined by genre borders and embraces musical and stylistic freedom. He is a part of the artist collective Liquide Sky Artist Collective. After having released his music on social media and having recorded songwriters, classical music and rock bands, in 2020 he released on the Force Inc. / Mille Plateaux label and did remixes for the label Djungle Fever.

His sound collages have been played on the radio station Alex Berlin and the TV channel NRWision. In 2022, a noise collage of his was played on the radio of the Documenta 15. He also supports audio software and hardware developers as a beta tester and writers for German music technology magazines like and Das Synthesizer Magazin.

Music and literature are the two great loves of Lukas Hermann from Gelsenkirchen, Germany. His compositions and improvisatory performances with modular synthesizers reflect these two passions. They oscillate between lyrical forms, subtle differences, and abstract sound sculptures. Melodic metamorphoses and atonal constellations take on an equal place in his acoustic imagination. For Hermann, the electronic modular system is both a playground and place for novel concepts. For him, his instrument is a flexible programming interface, a way to musical discoveries between the virtual and the actual. In his projects, he explores this threshold of the 21st century with analog instruments, digital workspaces, and cybernetic compositional techniques.

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