Matt Thibideau


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For the last 30 years, Matt Thibideau has been involved in making electronic music. He started off with his Moog Prodigy, a tape machine, and a drum machine. Matt dove into making electronic industrial pop songs in 1989-1990.

His basement soon became the place where he and his twin brother Mark would start their first project called the Waxbean Orchard. This was all in a small town called “Wallaceburg” Ontario, located close the American border not far from Detroit.

Over time Matt’s interest in electronic music and passion for synthesizers grew. He relocated to Toronto where his chances of releasing records and performing increased. Matt dove into making ambient and techno music after experiencing some of the local underground parties. This lead to several releases on many international record labels such as Assemble Music, Cynosure, 7th City, Irenic, Berg Audio, Joule Imprint, Thule, Sushitech and Vade Mecum.

He has performed live at many venues and festivals and prefers to perform without a computer. Venues such as Mutek (Montreal & Buenos Aires), C.O. pop festival (Cologne), Observatori (Valencia), Day For Night (Houston), The Bunker (NYC), Untitled (Toronto), Tresor, Club Der Visionäre, Heideglühen & Watergate (Berlin), Ministerium Club (Lisbon), Sunwaves (Romania), Club Guesthouse (Bucharest) and Oslo (Detroit) have welcomed his live performances.

Matt has a small record label called “Obsolete Components” based on the love of using his vintage synthesizers and was featured in the documentary “I Dream Of Wires”. These synthesizers are his inspiration for new sounds and ideas.

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