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Mijk van Dijk is an early pioneer of the Berlin techno scene. Even before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Mijk was already part of the club scene as a journalist for magazines such as Network Press and ZiDy and later also for the legendary Frontpage magazine. At the same time, he was already working on his own productions with very limited equipment.

In 1990 his first LoopZone EP was released on Westbam's Low Spirit Records, followed in 1991 by productions on BASH, the label of Tanith and Jürgen Laarmann, until he found a musical home on Mark Reeder's label "MFS - Masterminded For Success" in 1992. Together with Cosmic Baby, the world's first trance compilation "Tranceformed From Beyond" was created and from 1992 van Dijk also began performing as a DJ. Since 1990, however, he has already made a name for himself as a live act and brought his own productions to many small and large stages almost worldwide in the 1990s.

The majority of his work has been released since 1993 on the Hamburg label Superstition Records. It started with the now legendary Berlin EP of his project Marmion together with Marcos López. Their piece “Schöneberg” is now one of the immortal classics of techno and house history and also one of the most anticipated pieces in his live sets.

Since then, Mijk van Dijk has been an integral part of the German electronic music scene. He produces and performs his own music as a DJ and live act, provides ideas for new musical instruments and writes about equipment and cultural developments in the music industry.

Mijk has a particularly strong bond with his friends and fans in Japan and has also had a strong connection with Yamaha for many years. Yamaha instruments have always formed the backbone of Mijk van Dijk's instruments, e.g. very early on the music computer CX-5M, the samplers TX16W and A-3000/5000 and of course the 4-OP synthesizers such as the DX-100 and TX81Z, which can be heard again and again in his tracks. On stage, Mijk made extensive use of the QY-700, RM-1X, SU-700 and RS-7000 sequencer workstations as the respective hearts of his DAWless live sets.

In 2024, Mijk performed in some official launch videos for the new Yamaha SEQTRAK. The SEQTRAK is an ultra-compact stand-alone producJon machine and Yamaha's return to the groovebox market. At Superbooth 2024, Mijk will play a 40-minute set with two Yamaha SEQTRAK grooveboxes and a DJ mixer at the Strandbar.

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