Miller-Zillmer Foundation presents: Pole


There are few artists as deeply engrained in the ethos of modern experimental dub music than Pole, aka Stefan Betke. His seminal works entitled Pole 1, Pole 2, and Pole 3, helped form the foundation for electronic music in the decades to come. Inspired by walks in the forest and the intricate sonic environments of cities alike, his sound shifts and swerves through different mindscapes engrossing the listener in a warm and familiar place.

His relationship with the esteemed Mute Records stretches all the way back to his 2003 self-titled album. In 2020, he surprised everyone with the next logical step in his discography, Fading, which was released to critical acclaim. “Every Pole record connects to recordings that I've made before,” Betke says, “in order to stay in this kind of vertical development." This development now continues with his new album Tanzboden released once again in conjunction with Mute. It stemmed from listening back to several loops that were constructed for Fading releasing that they were worthy of an album. Superbooth is thrilled to welcome Stefan as part of this year's program. For more info regarding his creative process ans some thoughts about current developments you can check out his appearance on sooperRADIO in the fourth show from 29.07.2021 (German only).

©Ben de Biel

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