As an artist, Jim Avignon is one of the most unusual figures in the German art scene and has long been keeping the art establishment in check with bright colours, biting wit and a dizzying output. Avignon has been musically active since the end of the 90s. As the subversive lo-fi electro project "Neoangin" he releases albums with covers designed by himself. These musical gems defy all fashions, are lived DIY charm at its best and somehow also a good-humoured "Fuck you" to the music biz.

His music is as sketchy as his life - his latest record "uncleared sample of reality" describes our perception of reality in times of fake news, it is sketchy, nervous and infused with a strange melancholic exuberance that could best be described as hopelessly optimistic. Early on, Neoangin experimented with distilling electronic sounds and singersongwriting into his very own sound, and on "uncleared sample" he is in top form.

The live shows are excellent entertainment beyond the familiar genres - sound, stage sets, masks and occasionally breakneck absurd ideas - in two minutes from party to crisis to euphoria to madness to sadness to ciao.


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