Nadia Struiwigh


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Nadia Struiwigh is all about energy when she plays. Her own energy, the energy of the crowd, and the energy of any given space are what determine where she goes. She likes to get people into a bubble and to keep them there, to play to the weirdos in the dark corners of a room, and to thread together sounds that connect with people’s everyday emotions. Whether that’s with techno, ambient or experimental depends on what she feels at any given time.

When playing live, the Dutch artist feels detached from her consciousness and instead rides on her own inner flow. She shares stories that are based on her own memories and inspiration. Once translated into sound, they become narratives that take listeners deep into their own psyche. However, Nadia is also a technical nerd that deeply analyses everything she does, and so by now can truly convey herself through her synthesizers.

For as long as she can remember, Nadia’s head has been lost in music, floating on melodies. She felt it was her calling: “Life is like a melody to me, a harmony. I really can’t express myself with words, so music is my main language,” she says.

Since 2009, she has been making music like other people write a diary: daily sessions to capture whatever she is feeling at any given time. As long as the ideas flow freely, she will continue to make tracks. If it feels forced, she stops. Making music is a way for her to clear her mind. Sharing her music is a way to find out if other people feel the same way, and to understand the hidden messages within it.

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