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Introducing the i73 PRO family…The first ever USB-C audio interface with built-in pure Class A transformer coupled 73 style preamps is finally a reality, making the Full Analog Experience of the Golden Era of recording available to everyone, everywhere and anywhere.

The i73® PRO family aims to provide musicians, producers and audio engineers with an easy path to that cherished analog experience that has inspired music creation since the early 70’s.

But a 73 style Class A preamp is only the first step to get that Full Analog Experience we were seeking... a low latency monitoring mixing console has been developed from the ground up so you’ll always hear what you need to, either through 73® PRO Edge’s two different set of speakers or its 2 different headphone cues, each with their own, independent configurable mix within the Heritage Audio MIXER running inside every i73® PRO.

Every i73® PRO gives you an ever growing comprehensive set of tools modeled after Heritage Audio’s own outboard to monitor your work giving you the feeling of the Golden Era of recording studios so you can capture your tracks into your DAW and complete the job taking advantage of a modern home studio workflow.


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