Pro-Vocation and Friends


Improvisational music by Rosi Förster and Lena Wenta

Born in Kreuzberg in 1939, Rosi Förster with her project Pro-Vocation is certainly the oldest artist on our stages this year. Together with her permanent partner Lena Wenta on clarinet and electronics, Meinrad Kneer on double bass and Joe Hertenstein on drums, she will be performing on the Seebühne using microphones, loopers and other effects devices.

Rosi is a trained studio assistant and graduate engineer for electro-acoustics and room acoustics. She took piano lessons and sang her first concerts with jazz musicians who later became famous during her training in Dresden. As a single mother, she returned to Berlin in 1966 and began her professional career as a sound engineer in music production at Funkhaus Berlin. Her last position was as a music and sound technologist at the Radio and Television Technical Central Office in Adlershof, where she was responsible for the development of useful studio equipment in the GDR.

The timely study of the capitalist system in the "new world" enabled her to go straight into self-employment with her own store for recording studio technology and music equipment called "SOUND & SYNC" in Berlin Treptow around 1990. The specialist store also became a supporting dealer for Doepfer Musikelektronik GmbH and still was when the first collective trade fair stands under the title "SUPERBOOTH" with Moog, Elektron, Vermona and Doepfer and others took place at the Frankfurt Music Fair. In 2000, Rosi passed the business on to one of her employees and retired. A short time later, SchneidersBuero took over the representation of Doepfer from her successor.

Rosi Förster now has more time for her own music and does not stop experimenting, remainsing true to the mixture of live jazz and experimentally applied electronics. She continues her education and plays performances and concerts in various constellations, mostly in the local milieu. The constant collaboration with Lena Wenta on clarinet and electronics has led to a continuity that has facilitated the joint performance on the big stage at SuperBooth. Lena studied "Sound Studies" (experimental sound design, synthesizer) at the UdK Berlin. As a composer and musician, she has created music for short films, theater productions and well-known projects in the core scene. Her music is the expression of a constant search for new forms of expression, her passion for sound and music. For about 10 years she has also been playing regularly with Rosi Förster and other musicians from the Berlin jazz scene.

Bassist Meinrad Kneer and drummer Joe Hertenstein are professionals in their discipline acquired by Rosi and accompany the duo on stage for SUPERBOOTH24.

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