Reinhold Heil (ex-Nina Hagen, Spliff) feat. Waldorf Synths: virtual Gesprächskonzert


As a keyboardist with Nina Hagen and Spliff, he was influential in defining style and a great role model for many musicians and keyboardists of his generation. As a studied sound engineer, life brought him to Los Angeles where he has been scoring films since 1997: he scored Run Lola Run, and wrote the scores for almost all of Tom Tykwer's films. Most recently, he and his family moved to Hawaii, from where he gives us another glimpse into the world.

One of his favorite creative tools is currently the Waldorf Quantum, on which he wants to show us a beloved patch, and for Waldorf Music (Superbooth exhibitor) Rolf Wöhrmann is also on stage.

Reinhold Heil escaped from Los Angeles to the Big Island of Hawaii in late 2020. Besides his scoring work he has started to write songs again, mostly in German, some in English. An album has emerged, a collaboration between him and his other self, Dr. Jkyll, who brings an unfiltered, sometimes slightly unhinged angle to the song writing. Hence the reaction of the gatekeepers in the music industry: “How Are We Going To Market This???”

Jkyll and Heil seem to blame each other for the fact that the product is kept from audiences for the time being. Heil: “Jkyll’s ideas are a little extreme”. Jkyll: “Heil is such a pop-guy. Who still wants to hear this shit?”

While the answers are being hammered out, more scoring work is getting done and two additional albums, one “Neo-Classical” and a very electronic instrumental one, are also in the works. There is a lot of music waiting to be released. There’s also a new website under development that will show a variety of the work of Dr. Jkyll and Mr. Heil and will include mini podcasts with conversations between the two characters, discussing artistic choices, lyrics, politics and technology.

Whenever there is time, Reinhold experiments with the Waldorf Quantum and works on the design of his Dolby Atmos Studio that will be completed in 2022. As a temporary studio, he has a ton of equipment in a very small space on a flower farm above the Pacific Ocean.

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