Roboterwerke Artist Collective

Roboterwerke is an artist collective founded in 1972.

The 3 founding members are:
Franz Aumüller (Producer/Graphics)
Dieter Kolb † (Vocals and Synthesizer)
Franz Knüttel † (Drummer, Electrical Engineer)

Together they were the creators of the legendary drum synthesizer "Roboterwerke". With this device, various albums were produced under the band name Supersempfft, such as Roboterwerke, Metaluna, and Cosmotropics. Other albums included Futurist, 4D On the Search for the 4th Dimension, and Sex Appeal.

"Roboterwerke" and the previously unreleased "Bird Mountain Magic" modular system will be presented for the first time by our team at Superbooth 2024.

Franz Knüttel & Dieter Kolb

As a tribute to the pioneers, there will be a daily modular/synth jam session on the studio stage at 4:30 pm.

Roboterwerke 2.0 consists of:

Florian Aumüller - Modular & Videosynthesizer (
Rossano Snel - Synth & Vintage Fender Rhodes (
Eva Mössner - Stage Design (
Siegfried Zorn - Rhythms & Untamed Sounds (
Andre Schaaf - Synth & Dj (

And various surprise guests...

We look forward to seeing you!

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