Silver Galaxy


Presented by Nord Keyboards:


Board the BerlinSooperGroup starship and take an interstellar trip to the Silver Galaxy,

to explore the legendary Moon Modular where lunar dust and weightlessness await you…

Sailors, enjoy with:

Anna-Maria Van Reusel: modular synths

Dennis Slypen: guitar

Robin Burke: bass guitar

Jens-Holger Hopp: synths

Amoy Ribas: percussion

SILVER GALAXY is an electronic band formed by Anna-Maria Van Reusel (modular synth) and Dennis Slypen (electric guitar). They will be presenting music from their freshly released debut album on this year’s edition of Superbooth with:

Jens-Holger Hopp on keys (Osmose ExpressiveE), Amoy Ribas on percussions processed with modular synth (!) and Robin Burke aka Optical Collusion on his fretless bass.

Anna-Maria will be performing on a 5U setup provided by Moon Modular, besides her usual 3U eurorack system….

You can also find her performing at the Moon booth on Thursday and Saturday!

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