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Build your own Beatmaker’s Sketchbook by SUCOFUNK

Build the Beatmaker’s Sketchbook DIY Kit /// DIY Level: Medium /// Price: 330€

You will build your own Beatmaker’s Sketchbook. It is a portable, teensy based open source sampler/sequencer/groovebox by default. If you have some basic c++ skills, you can use the boiler plate code to create your own instrument from scratch.

In this workshop you will solder 13 components onto the pre-assembled PCBs and assemble them with a few screws into the enclosure. The enclosure has a wooden frame around a plexiglas panel and a metal base plate. All SMD parts are already assembled and you will only need basic soldering skillz to assemble the Teensy 4.1 microcontroller, rotary encoders, potentiometers and a power switch.

The workshop includes all parts (PCB, Teensy, Display, Power module, enclosure) needed to build this device. You will be the proud owner of a portable, premium looking device at the size of a DIN A5 sheet.

The device does not come with a LiPo battery, as it can be powered via a USB C type cable. If you want a rechargeable battery (power module will charge it via USB), you can buy one at the workshop.

The pictures show the prototype. The device you will build at the workshop will come with a precise, more robust wooden frame and different, but similar keys.

IMPORTANT: Bring headphones (3,5mm TRS) and a computer with SD-card reader, if you want to swap some samples onto the SD card to immediately start making beats.

We have got soldering irons and tools, but you are welcome to bring your own.

The prices above are the final prices minus the 30€ workshop ticket (price minus 30€ = rest payment).

Here you can already download a PDF manual which you can either have on your phones or printed with you:

Important General Info:

To enter the workshop you need both:

   a) Superbooth ticket for the day of the workshop plus
   b) the workshop ticket itself! Availble HERE in our ticket shop

The workshop ticket covers the advance payment for the workshop, please bring your printed workshop ticket plus Superbooth ticket and enough cash to pay the rest payment here in the workshop area. (We possibly won't have small change and no online payment possibilities!)

We generally have some middle class soldering irons and tools. If you have own stuff, you can bring it if you like!

Do not forget your eye glasses if you need them for soldering.

If you generally need recommendations for DIY tools, check this

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