Supercool Documentary Film


Embark on a transformative journey into the realm of electronic instruments and creativity with "Super Cool”. Produced and directed by Maiken Lorentz and executive produced by EDOUARD (Electronic producer/visual artist), this documentary unveils the extraordinary legacy of Andreas Schneider, a visionary dedicated to fostering a vibrant community and inspiring future generations to embrace creativity.

Discover how Schneider's passion for electronic instruments, particularly modular synthesizers, ignited the creation of Superbooth and the iconic SchneidersLaden in Berlin. Despite facing challenges, Schneider remained steadfast in his mission to encourage individuals to spend more time on creative activities, like making music, rather than being consumed by technology.

Through intimate interviews with industry luminaries such as Jean Michel Jarre, Jean-Benoit Dunckel, Dave Smith, Richie Hawtin, Dieter Doepfer, "Super Cool" offers an immersive glimpse into the multifaceted world of electronic instruments and the tight-knit community Schneider cultivated.

Inspired by the captivating sounds emanating from modular synthesizers during her inaugural visit to Superbooth in 2018 and a suggestion by Edouard after a backstage tour at ScheidersLaden with Penko, Maiken Lorentz was struck by the potential for creativity and community within the electronic music scene. Witnessing Schneider's unwavering commitment to inspiring creativity, Lorentz embarked on a mission to capture his story and share his vision with the world.

Join us as we celebrate Schneider's enduring legacy and his vision for shaping a future where creativity thrives in "Super Cool"

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