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tamiX is a professional artist of improvisational electronic live music and visual arts - refusing to perform with computer programs or software. She specializes in unprepared visual creativity, and music performance with standalone gear to demonstrate physically natural effects as atmosphere changes likewise. As Buchla & Eventide endorsed artist, with Buchla 200e modular synthesizer system, her live improvisation has created an impressively unique mode filled audiences with experimentally rhyming tunes.

To be affected by the distinctive glamor of tamiX, audiences should be in the live show, which is also the reason why tamiX has barely released any records. As an electronic musician skilled in improvisation, compared with playing on the traditional music platforms, tamiX chose streaming video on YouTube instead, the leading medium in China and beyond the sea separately where audiences can watch all of her live show videos.

Given the great affection for ACG culture, being the founder of Midifan, a music tech portal leading thousands of Chinese people to the industry, meanwhile, the co-producer of several official albums for Hatsune Miku. tamiX, who likes taking photographs and is quite a photo idol herself, is also a passionate skateboarding coach. Her series of individual albums containing different styles are for sale on her website.

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