Tom Battery


Tom Battery dedicated most of his life to reggae and dub music, throwing his heart and soul all into it. Starting Studio 1 influenced bar sessions in the early 2000s, followed by diverse DJ actions in countless Berlin bars and clubs he continued with UK Dubstep nights in 2010 with the DUBMARINE Crew in about://blank for half a decade.

In 2012 he started running the "Dubbing You" project with DJ Die Soon and Kiki Hitomi, followed by his side project „Electrixity“, presenting African Synth Music, just to name some.

Working at the worldfamous Schneidersladen for many years and starting the "Berlin Dubcafe" series at Monarch in 2019, he was continuesly diving deeper into the scene and digging hard for his versatile record collection ... which finally made him fulfill his longtime dream of his own soundsystem, the Superpower Soundsystem.

Nowadays he is presenting the Berlin Dubcafe series in Gretchen, of course bringing his Soundsystem and is happy to set it up with his team at the Superbooth!

Berlin Dub Café:

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