Veith Von Tsotzhousn & Anton Filatov

Zirkuszelt / circus tent

Veith Von Tsotzhousn has always been on the lookout for ways out of predictability. His music translates complexities into soundscapes by means of polyrhythms and polyphonies as a liberation from western corsets; field recordings, as well as recordings created in collaboration with classical musicians, constitute its foundation. For the Superbooth22 performance he invites the experimental Saxophonist Anton Filatov to join him into a musical experience that invites the audience to dive deep, to escape the overwhelming and fast-paced information flows of modern society, thus leaving distressing routines behind and making space for unexpected feelings and emotions to emerge. The duo invites you to set sail on a musical journey through the mist with your eyes closed. Here, ambience is not an end in itself, but rather a genre of unpredictability; dark and impenetrable yet plentifully warm and witty.

Musicvideo for Dark Flowers created by Vanta

Von Tsotzhousn spent over half years creating field recordings, recording musicians and moulding the resulting samples. He then played the result as a live set on his modular synthesizer. Every recording is underpinned by one central idea. In Dark Flowers, for example, Marie Block’s singing transforms into a floating element that runs through the entire song.




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