Virtual Gesprächskonzert / Aditya Nandwana, Mumbai India: Animal Factory Amplification


Aditya Nandwana aka Animal Factory Amplification first appeared in SchneidersLaden in the company of Douglas McCarthy, the lead singer of Nitzer Ebb. Aditya is a manufacturer of distortion effects units for guitarists based in Mumbai, India. He was interested in adapting his products to and for the synthesizer world from the very beginning. In the meantime, a large number of his products are also available as modules for the Eurorack system, and a synthesizer of special quality is still in development.

There was already a Zoom meeting for the Home Edition 2020 about the special situation as a citizen in India in times of the pandemic. It is certainly clear to everyone who follows the news about the developments in the world that Aditja cannot come in person even now.

Here and now Animal Factory Amplification presents live from Mumbai, India their updated product range in a concert, for questions and suggestions of present guests Aditya is personally available afterwards.

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