Virtual Gesprächskonzert / Ken Macbeth, Macbeth Synthesizers, UK: good modulars & depressing synthesizers


Ken Macbeth is one of the few producers who has uninhibitedly acknowledged his personal past as a musician and true performer on stage, his performances have been legendary since the brilliant debut at SuperBooth16. Despite the constructive collaboration with St.John Mantle and T.Raumschmiere for over three years now and the joint record release scheduled for this year, Ken has decided not to attend in person.

Besides personal difficulties with the recklessness of younger ones in dealing with the pandemic and most recently the careless decisions of the UK government to lift all restrictions (also) for his protection, he has decided to devote himself entirely to the completion of his production of two more large Eurorack modules, which have been in the pipeline for about three years. All the aforementioned topics will be addressed in the interview, a matching performance is not excluded.

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