Virtual Gesprächskonzert / Stephen and Kris Kaiser, Los Angeles USA: Noise Engineering


Join the Noise Engineering team to learn about our latest hardware, the Quantus Ampla, our recent plugins, a few things we have coming soon, and updates on all the things you’ve been asking about. We’ll answer questions, demo some products, and give you some insight into our day-to-day operations.

Stephen McCaul and Kris Kaiser are Noise Engineering from Los Angeles (USA), now established and popular in the scene with a lively team and many established products. They have to get up early to present the Quantus Ampla live and their take on things.

Noise Engineering are also very active online in other ways, with a quasi-constant omni-presence in videos and application examples of various kinds. They have also probably realized that the days of seeing each other in person often twice a year at the main trade shows in Los Angeles and Frankfurt, or now Berlin, may be over. NE was the first partner to sign up for this form of presentation, good morning.

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