Virtual Gesprächskonzert / Tom Oberheim California USA: Oberheim History and Future


Tom Oberheim is certainly the most senior witness to the ups and downs in the world of synthesizers at SUPERBOOTH21, but probably also the most competent. He was one of the Americans who, between Buchla and Moog, developed and offered a wide range of new products that significantly broadened the previously rather narrow horizons of sound synthesis and the appeal of the product group. The world of financial sharks put a sudden end to his rising prominence as an entrepreneur at the time. It was only this year that the rights to the name "Oberheim" were at last and finally returned to Tom personally, and we congratulate him.

The conversation is about the special qualities of products that were developed and manufactured almost fifty years ago and that are still attractive today, not least because they simply still work. Tom Oberheim, as an experienced engineer, is sure to be happy to give us some insight into his views on modern trends in manufacturing and the qualities of sound and performance. As an example of consideration, we will use the SEM modules that Tom, together with his wife, manufactured in his garage at home still a few years ago, and the Twovoice Pro.

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