Workshop - Bitwig “Creative Music Production in Bitwig Studio” with Hany Manja

Workshop Room

Creative Music Production in Bitwig Studio with Hany Manja

Electronic music producer and educator Hany Manja will demonstrate how he uses Bitwig Studio to produce music and as a powerful live performance instrument.

Topics will include:

  • Unique methods for triggering MIDI notes to generate rhythmic variations, melodic phrases, and textures
  • Exploration of Note FX, Operators, and Modulators for dynamic musical ideas
  • Innovative approaches to notes using Bitwig's Micro-pitch device to add nuance and expression to compositions
  • Generative composition techniques utilizing Note FX devices like Ricochet, Random, or Note Repeat to unlock new dimensions of musical expression and experimentation
  • Tips and ideas for fostering creativity and maintaining flow throughout the production process
  • Strategies for approaching Bitwig Studio as a powerful live performance instrument

Space is limited. First come, first serve.

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