Workshop - Korg

Workshop Room

Exhibitor Workshop presented by KORG & Sinevibes

KORG is happy to announce a sound design workshop & masterclass organized together with Artemiy Pavlov (Sinevibes) and Peter Kirn (CDM). This event will focus on exploring KORG’s multi-faceted hybrid instruments: minilogue xd, drumlogue, NTS-1, and opsix. Artemiy and Peter will be showcasing interesting sound creation and performance workflow tricks using both stock sound engines as well as custom DSP plugins from Sinevibes and other third-party developers. Our goal is to amaze you with the variety of unique personalities available in each of these compact and affordable synthesizers. The event will be held in room H305, on Friday, May 12, from 14:00-15:30. Participation is free, no prior registration is required.

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